Saturday, August 3, 2013

Round the Clock

Her alarm woke her up rudely. She didn’t finish her sleep. She woke up anyway.
Her teeth weren’t dirty. She brushed them anyway.
She didn’t feel dirty. She took a bath anyway.
She never liked wearing a bra that was supposed to hold her breasts in place and conceal her nipples. She wore it anyway.
She didn’t feel hungry. She sipped her coffee for an hour staring at nothing in particular.
She was too lazy to work that day. She went to work anyway.
The clock struck 1. It didn’t make her hungry. She ate something anyway.
She was sleepy after eating. She stay awake anyway.
She wanted to talk to a friend whose memory brought a smile. She didn’t call the friend anyway.
She wanted to laugh loudly. She suppressed it anyway.
There was no work to do. She sat there anyway.
It was time to go home. She felt useless all over again. She shrugged it off anyway.

She signed her exit.

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