Thursday, May 30, 2013

The "Man-Ager"

Seems to be a man (usually, it is a man!) who ages consciously, is conscious of the passing time in boredom, oops, sorry, working away efficiently like a machine without wasting time I mean, in staring at numbers locked into cells where they strictly have to get summed or sorted or operated all the time. Excel is the jailer friend who helps in locking up precious important numbers in the same jail every day, creating new jails as and when required but extremely watchful. Our boy manager here randomly visits the jails to redistribute, introduce new prisoners or relieve old ones.

The manager also has some human prisoners whom he has to keep a watch on. Only then will he be paid his precious exchange media with which he can consume a few branded products in the market and keep his conscience at bay while consuming. You don’t obviously have all the time in the world. I myself am pressed for time, says our manager and lives on. Pushes happiness for the weekends. Develops a paunch from the lack of physical activity and stress from all the jailing business. Tries to find time for exercising every morning. Yoga or gym is a choice based on whichever is sold better in the market both to the pocket and the mind.

With the human prisoners and the manager’s own hierarchy of jailers, over time, our manager learns to become a chameleon, “adaptability” or call it “diplomacy”. With the people “above”, he is meek, he even adapts his body language to have a posture which hints at servitude, a voice which is kept at a decent low unquestioning tone, “respectful”, always, “after you, please!” be it sitting at a meeting table, getting up from the table, having food, having tea!, having water!! His prisoners learn to mimic him and give him the same that he gives the people “above” him, his almighties. After all managers are noble beings, they perform the holy act of management! How could you not respect them? They are the leaders! Of thought! Everyone else is so dependent on them! And of course, they are here to get things done and tame any scale and structure to order! Oh yes, they are managers!

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