Monday, May 13, 2013

A Wide Cheerful Smile Shaped Hole in the Universe

He smiled even in the worst of times to which I stand testimony, those times when I fought with our common counterpart like it was the end of my world, he let it be in patience and maturity, he knew it didn't matter much. He lived every breath making it lighter and joyful, always cheerful. When we were still just new to the campus, he was our fond CC, addressing our computer woes with a smile and a way that he had with the binary coded machine. A true engineer with a capital E! He cooked for us and made the food tastier in company. He taught me how to share when I was too self-centered. He was my partner in those endless lunch table discussions where he would take my side while the others rejected my arguments outright. Those long walks in and around the campus, to the Amul ice cream parlour or a ride to the samosas at the railway station in those unearthly hours or the aam ras at the end of the street. His love for food was contagious. So was his enthusiasm cheering when friends were performing on the stage. His eagerness in shaking a leg or two at the grind, his steps none of us would forget. He believed in the power of cheerfulness no matter what problem it was, not the one to bargain, not the one to let any unpleasantness seep in. He was utterly optimistic about life. A sun beam lent to us too briefly, Sanky has left a wide cheerful smile shaped hole in the universe, to put it in the words of Arundhati Roy. 

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