Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Broken Spells

A dream ends while another begins. They aren't really sequels. The curtain comes down, the characters change. Clap clap. A new drama begins. The audience aren't shocked. In fact, they wait in eager anticipation. How detached the entertainment is, yet it doesn't fail to entertain. The detachment too is part of the package, the detachment too entertains. Neither does it upset the actors nor the audience. The show blissfully goes on. So does life go on. Or does it? Do the actors brood over their stories, about their audience? Do they project their performances to the stories before and after the play? Does one sometimes wonder whether they are performing or just watching? What an illusion we have all come to accept and enjoy too.  How convenient plays are! Such a joke on life. One would probably sit back and brood over them if one becomes familiar with these illusions in wakeful time, between sunrise and sunset or during the darkness too with more of its wonders. Oh yes, one cannot differentiate much then. Would one still enjoy the show with the same zeal? Would one be entertained with the same detachment? With the only difference of a stage? With performances playing out everyday or sometimes with the characters leaving imprints on you, moving around, in flesh and blood or sometimes, even without, their ghosts. Are the ghosts on the silver screen any match? The two dimensional ones seem to try hard but they seem to be mortal. Aren't we more creative than that? Aren't we capable of making up real ones? The ones which can really scare. Like scare scare. Because, our imagination is capable, like nothing else, to add not just a third dimension but a fourth called fear. The fear of being through it, of living through a nightmare. It can haunt forever. The curtain never seems to come down here. One never knows. How long? An hour? Or two? A day? An year? When will it come down? And it might only take that long to know that one needs to be even more creative to make the curtain come down. Imagine a stage, imagine the show, imagine the audience, the beginning, the end and then, make a curtain appear, a real looking curtain, one which one really can see coming down. Then, make it come down. Make the audience stand up, make them clap and leave. Make them all walk to the exit. Turn off the lights. Shut the door behind you. And open your eyes. Can you see it over? Can you? One can only wait till the next night to check whether the ghosts are dead. Whether the attempts of bringing them alive only to be killed have been successful? Well, isn't it funny? Does it really end with one night?