Monday, March 18, 2013

Partha's eyes

Do we wonder how world could look to a 7 year old
How each picture has a story one can create around it
Where world has both dragons and gods
and abundance and insignificance at the same time
With awareness of his attachment to his dear ones, to promise to spend his summer with me
He tells life can mean what you make of it, the story you wish to tell
and he has so many stories and creates so many more as he creates with his hands with the help of some colours
My belief in solving issues through discussion is only strengthened by his when he so patiently explains to his playmate how he is mistaking Partha's marble for his marble which is actually lost
Though Partha's playmate pulls away Partha's marble from his hand, he's not the one to budge nor fight
He keeps talking in all patience and innocence
He makes plans to go to the dragon world which he finds on seeing a map
and he's optimistic about finding their skeletons if not actual dragons
To make us all famous when we find them he says
All that we need is a helicopter and a bomb
And he knows exactly how he would throw the bomb and attack the dragon
He shows with the help of two laughing buddhas, one holding a bomb with both his hands over its head and the other standing in front
Then, I ask him, why we should kill the dragons
And he says, they're all bad
And why so?
Because, they all fought among themselves and killed each other till they were no more
Made me wonder if humans would be branded so by a 7 year old in another time and space when there came a time when humans annihilated themselves?
But I know, it's a redundant question
because there's no way to know
Yet, it doesn't fail to amuse
On being asked how he knew about dragons, after a few times of saying that he just knew it, he tells me he learnt it from the TV
Like he learnt about aliens, other planets and gravity from video games,
Only, his gravity worked the other way round where it pulled you away from planets and into space
So, from aliens, he comes to planets, and how people have to fight with them and among themselves
how they always fought, how kings always existed, who were all men,
how men were smarter than women, and boys are leaders since god made boys born first
How did he know about a male chauvinist god?
Never mind till he just doesn't know it
So, welcome to Partha's world
And there's ever more as long as you want to hear
For he always has more to say

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