Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mero Gaam…

The meanings of this song seem to be so embedded into the music itself that it never fails to move me from deep inside. Is it just the song? Is it just the words? Is it what it means? But when I listen to the words consciously, I wonder, how much of it is so obvious, how do I go back to the villages as they keep calling me (are they?). What kind of relationship do I seek in the villages? Is it the way I have most recently attempted, working in an NGO? Something seems so problematic with the assumptions. Something inside me knows how problematic these assumptions are, how much discomfort they cause. But something inside me also says, I cannot abandon the villages. There is something, something, very very romantic that I have developed for them. I write this from my heart, less consciously, more deeply, as the song moves me. I am still trying to explore, to shed, to explore, to keep the search alive. Can I ever have an equal relationship? Equal, like we feel it in the heart, not in a rational calculative equal sense?

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  1. All the best to u..Hope u get what you want :)