Sunday, September 9, 2012

delta x. delta t

When A started believing and is convinced of the partial truths being mistaken for universal truths in the name of various discourses crafted by them mortals to amuse themselves while optimizing their performance on surface earth, A wonders if there’s any basis to direct her actions. A finds endless regression trying to find a basis. So, when A shifts the focus to her truth to guide her, she sees none. A fails to think of herself with any amount of significance. A could as well be non-existent for all she knows. A doesn’t see herself as an active agent poking around the ‘existence’ around her. She asks, Who am ‘I’ anyway? But she seems to have no choice but to breathe unless she wants to move to the other extreme of erasing her existence which is too demanding of her energy. Hence, her existence starts and ends in gaps of delta x in space and delta t in time. And her only guide during these infinitesimal space-time gaps can be her emotions and instincts which provide a convenient ever-adjusting compass however momentary they may be. And momentary they are. A is upset no soon. 

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