Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Non-Professionals

The suppressed creative potential, the burdened souls, handcuffed in shame; insulted by those favoured by the arbitrary logic of the market: the twice born, the lucky few who got into those fancy places, made fancy contacts, came out with degrees with fancy names that can assure their entry into fancy places paying handsomely and thus, felt it is all right, that they made it there, they had it in them and they deserved it all through, they were born like that to be what they are one fine day, it was just a matter of time before the series of "you are the chosen one" events happened (chosen by the invisible hand!). And those who weren't part of the race, who didn't quite understand the market dynamics of who is privileged by it or just found it too arbitrary are told you are lazy, you are incompetent, shameless, a burden on your parents, what use are your so called creative scribbles if they don't sell in the market (Market is the arbitrary God that has the sole right to give the verdict and it is final, unquestionable. Put your complete faith in it or be doomed!).

Maths, physics, chemistry? No? Not interesting? So, what say, Biology? No? Lets try commerce then? No? Well, you are good for nothing then. You want to live like a beggar, dependant on somebody all through your life? How will you take care of your parents, your family? It is your fault! All your fault! You never worked hard!

Now that I have vented it out, coming back to the extent of injustice that kills and dulls down several minds, we can take up a simple exercise. If we enumerate the several occupations that a person can take up (assuming that a person does the same thing all one's life which is however quite a brutal assumption), how many do we arrive at? Let us scale it down to 100. Now, if we enumerate the number of occupations that are favoured by the market, how many would they be out of 100? 5%, 10%, 15%? Lets be a little 'market friendly' and put the figure at 20%. Still, 80% are doomed. They have to convince themselves to like one of those market favoured occupations or feel a low self-esteem, looked down upon for no fault of theirs, to live with the idea that they were never meant to be anything that is considered something.


  1. Market, understood by each one differently, never the less believes that every one is a participant. It actually takes the meaning on a case by case basis as understood by each of the involved parties. Aren't you one of them ?

    If you are big enough, you are the market.
    Mahatma for example was a good example of being the market. God, the best example.

  2. as Partha wrote above- it boils down to selling yourself, be it in a clearly defined market, or making your own market.
    and then there is a definition of market- evolved markets,and not so evolved markets.
    here as we see, market for humanities/ social science/ art is not evolved, and this happens when basic necessities of man are met. Maslow Need Pyramid.
    Whereas in western world, such domains are sought after as they have time to think beyond basic life essentials.

  3. I've just heard what I was looking for. Such views as above are supported by (I'd prefer to say, 'suffer' from) the Just-World fallacy, where we assume that what is there is all fine.