Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Locked in Riddles

What do they do who find language inadequate or too simplistic to express themselves? They seem to be accused of speaking in riddles. Riddly riddly riddles, hiding thoughts, trying to feign mystery. After all, no one trusts anybody these days anymore. We seem to have given up on trust as a rare commodity since it cannot be bought and sold, traded in the market-place, even globalization doesn't seem to help. Are we just a bunch of masks? Or rational humans? Seeking pleasure from fooling each other?

My language doesn't seem to get the point, but my emotions do. I lack the vocabulary, I am locked. Resigned to my limitations of communication. I was told, you need a language to express yourself and you need to learn it when somebody teaches it. Sorry, but you're inadequate and there's only so much of language for you! We do not have enough supply of language, the market doesn't seem to demand it. The invisible hand doesn't seem to feel it is necessary. Sorry. There are very few suppliers of language. Very sorry. Well, don't blame anyone. You had choice, you see.

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