Monday, January 9, 2012

A Good Night

Only silence, I thought, there should be but I'm wrong. I can still hear the waves, the breeze, a distant song, some vehicles still moving on the roads. The insects haven't slept yet. It's 00:30. I hear some voices too.

There are a few ships on the beach seeming to be at a standstill, their lights still glowing. Why do I feel so pleasant? It's so nice.

Light, from the street lights and that coming from various other sources is still not letting it get completely dark. And here, I just don't feel like sleeping. The air conditioner next door makes its presence felt every while, now and then.

There's a couple clicking photographs near an elephant in a park against a glowing street light.

After all, who said, everything closes at night? The light coming from so many places illuminating so many things makes everything look so different, adding a kind of beauty to everything typical of night.

And no, the sky doesn't look completely dark. It glows due to the illumination of the fog. There's a bird flying against the clouded sky, not yet in its nest, like we hear and expect.

Good night!

I think I should sleep now. The mind doesn't stay. It gets bored so soon. It's just a law of nature and so it should work.

Often, things aren't very clear but we try to see them clearly. Otherwise, we do not understand them.

(Written a long time ago)

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