Monday, January 9, 2012

A Good Night

Only silence, I thought, there should be but I'm wrong. I can still hear the waves, the breeze, a distant song, some vehicles still moving on the roads. The insects haven't slept yet. It's 00:30. I hear some voices too.

There are a few ships on the beach seeming to be at a standstill, their lights still glowing. Why do I feel so pleasant? It's so nice.

Light, from the street lights and that coming from various other sources is still not letting it get completely dark. And here, I just don't feel like sleeping. The air conditioner next door makes its presence felt every while, now and then.

There's a couple clicking photographs near an elephant in a park against a glowing street light.

After all, who said, everything closes at night? The light coming from so many places illuminating so many things makes everything look so different, adding a kind of beauty to everything typical of night.

And no, the sky doesn't look completely dark. It glows due to the illumination of the fog. There's a bird flying against the clouded sky, not yet in its nest, like we hear and expect.

Good night!

I think I should sleep now. The mind doesn't stay. It gets bored so soon. It's just a law of nature and so it should work.

Often, things aren't very clear but we try to see them clearly. Otherwise, we do not understand them.

(Written a long time ago)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

String of thoughts

Here I connect mine. There you connect yours. Gentle. Thoughts are delicately held in memory. Once lost. The memory up there or wherever it is is too vast to be searched. And the chance of finding it is not directly proportional to the space available. How many GBs do you think?

There joins another while some other has dropped away. I only know it dropped, unaware of what or where. I feel lighter. But I'm worried about what I missed. What if the loss permanently took away all chances of the possibility of a beautiful string? I seem to have no choice. I move on and join another.


There are no lines. No boundaries. Never. Just different shades mixing with each other in a narrow bandwidth. Lines do not exist. And so, nothing is ever so distinctly discernible from anything else. Never clearly. Never clearly enough.