Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Possibilities galore

Do people imagine and think of others as their lovers, just to see how it might feel being loved by a particular person? Like, how would this person call me if he was my lover? Dreaming of the way it sounds when the person calls your name. Imagining being lovers. Not that one seriously wants all these people to be one’s lovers nor that one may even be attracted to all these people. Still. The curiosity to see that which may never happen. Imagination opens up a world full of exciting possibilities to satisfy such curiosity.

I play a song in my head to entertain myself while sitting through a boring class. Imagination provides me the much needed distraction from reality while not taking me away from it so much so that I’m scared of being so totally in knowledge of what I want and see and thus, deprive myself of the surprises that reality offers.

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