Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shall I drink modern education?

I cannot indulge in asking how it tastes
For I'm thirsty
Fill me with your knowledge
the knowledge you have been filled with
by someone who was also filled with it
by someone who was also filled with it
by someone..
Is knowledge constant?
Then, how does it expand?
Does it expand as a rule or an exception?
Or is expansion of knowledge only reserved for a few born to be the few?
I don't have to be bothered with expanding it?

I cannot tell a fact from an opinion
I never learnt to question
I can only question to the extent that I am able to fill myself with your drink
I cough
You give me some more of it to drink
Do I like its taste? Nevermind. Have it. You're thirsty.
I should be grateful to you that you're quenching my thirst
Am I educated?

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