Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dreams come true. Dreams no more. True no more.

When a dream comes true, it is romantic no more
Truth is not romantic. Dreams are
Dreams are all I want
In dreams, I pick and choose
The truth I want, the truth I don't
Dreams obey
Truth doesn't


  1. hey you had a song playing in the background right? how do i do a similar thing on my blog?

  2. sweetie, did u write this ...?

  3. To Vijya, yes
    To Sireesh, use the add gadget option in the settings to add a html code of the song that you want

  4. ohh sorry if i sound dumb, but how do i get the html code? i know some things and i dont know many!

  5. Google search for the HTML code of the song you want. There are many websites which give you the code. You'll just have to copy paste the code in the box here