Thursday, December 10, 2009

Luring IRMA

IRMA's made me crazy ever since I got to know about it. I dreamt of it like it's paradise. Numerous times did I google those 4 letters and wait to read something, more, every time. The very utterance of it puts me on an imaginary train to an imaginary world with some real looking distant villages where I'm just walking through smiling away and talking to simple villagers about development and the villages would be transformed to those idyllic pleasant paradises where everybody lived peacefully ever after. The last scene from Hazaaron Khwaishien Aisi plays out itself in my head.
I'm waiting so eagerly wanting to be there. How much books can do to me! It's like the purpose of my life was being revealed to me as I was leafing through each of those wonderful pages of text from those two lovely books which I would always remember. I Too Had A Dream and The Banker To The Poor showed me what I wanna do for the rest of my life. Verghese Kurien and Muhammad Yunus became my dreamfathers. They just led me through their books to a sign post which said "This way yours" and I saw IRMA and lots of villages beyond it inviting me.
I know there's a lot more to it. Some real work, some real situations. The reality too is a part of my dream!
But I had to wait for the Day. My fingers shook as I put the pencil on that sheet full of empty circles waiting to be filled by me. As I slowly transferred those layers of graphite from my dear pencil to the little circles, they beamed at me and cheered me up to fill more of them. And then I did so more confidently as I read through some of those friendly questions. And before I knew, there were lots of them and my watch asked me to hurry up while some empty circles glared at me. And the lady then came and took them away as they waved goodbye to me wishing me luck. I smiled back at them.
And now, it's been some time. My nails become shorter and I find lots of dead skin around them asking me to urgently dispose it off. My teeth are constantly at work. I wait. The day seems still too far. Will I make it there? I wait helplessly, desperately.