Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Dearest Night

Dark purple-violet solvent sky
Specks of stars almost dissolve into it and reappear and dissolve again taking turns
A grayish-white whitish-gray walking-along insoluble moon
Dark lines of cable, almost invisible against the dark solvent sky, join poles, like in a kids' column puzzle with numbered dots
A night coloured shed slopes over the platform adorned with a modest number of dim lights to satisfy the night and let it reign
The lonely platform looks deserted with its only inhabitants who retired for the day and blended into the background. A ragged old man here, a tea-coffee vendor there, its indecisive half-awake half-sleepy inhabitants like an audience of a boring movie, Should we wait till the intermission?, cheerful mice playing around the tracks, not minding the cakes of yellow shit which are in turn chosen by the flies for a late night family picnic
A young woman quietly washes her clothes under the leaking water pipe on the tracks at the end of the platform
An unnoticed goods train on a far away another platform moves unnoticed, slowly dragging its wheels over the tracks taking care not to disturb the night’s stillness
The digital time display hanging from the roof of the platform shows a red dotted 11:59. Its two winking red dots winking at their imaginary audience magically turn all the other dots to form 4 rectangular zeros. There’s no applause but the complacent dots continue to wink at their audience waiting to perform their next trick
Dogs on one side of the platform move carefully marking their territory and challenging those on the other side, barking once in a while for reassurance
A baby with her mother on a mat spread against a pillar wakes up from her baby dream and feels for her mother. The mother puts her hand familiarly around the baby and leads her back into the baby dream
An old song playing from some faraway radio of a nostalgic radio owner blends into the night



  1. nice ya..your newer entries are good!! add posts more frequently

  2. hmmm. for me, nights have always been synonymous with silence and serenity!

  3. The angst and restlessness are well brought out.