Friday, May 22, 2009

~Dev D~

Easily the best movie I have ever seen, integral in every way possible, with a flavor of its own. Nowhere, throughout the movie, are we reminded that it's an adaptation of a well known story, adapted thrice on the screen. Apart from being a movie with an identity, it has brought out the subtle things in life which are often smudged by popular dominant opinion even in a modern society and are made complicated even though they could be seen with great clarity if only one looked within oneself. More than anything else, it left me with this floating feeling, a dreamy one. Ever since I watched it, I haven't stopped thinking of it, be it humming its tunes or remembering the feeling of it. It has a mood and I dwelled in it, drowned in it and dripped with it even after the movie was over, each time. I have been wearing it around like a perfume. And I keep suggesting people to watch it and even make them watch it and I give myself that excuse to watch it again with them. I might have watched the movie more than 10 times by now. Even if you played it everyday, I would sit down and watch it with the same mood. Because, the mood's not mine. It comes as a package with the movie. And this mood is something you can get addicted to(I did). It's a feast for one's eyes and ears and comes out so alive that you might as well feel it with all your other senses. Never has any piece of art or music or cinema appealed to me this much. Appealed is a very small word. All aspects of cinema, be it, story, actors' performance, music, art, screenplay and everything that comes into making a movie, all of them fit together brilliantly here and it gives you a feeling that this was the only way it could have been and as perfect as perfect can mean. If I was a film maker and I had made this movie, I would have told myself - I have made this. Now, I can die feeling content if I had to die the next moment.
Kudos to Anurag Kashyap, Amit Trivedi, Abhay Deol, Kalki Koechlin, Mahi and everybody associated with the movie.