Friday, April 10, 2009

You are a clear "majority" in the voting community

I learnt this when I heard one of those amazing speeches of Dr. Jayprakash Narayan and I'd like to share with you the same. The popular misconception among people like you and me who can make an informed choice of whom we should vote for is that we are a "minority" which is a self-fulfilling prophecy as long as we do not go and vote. I would like to present some rough estimates on which my argument is based. Till today, among 100 people who are registered voters, roughly 45 go and vote. Among these 45, 15 vote for those who give them money or liquor and so forth. The remaining 30 who may or may not have got anything to attract their votes, didn't for sure vote for those who tried to get their votes by these crooked means. This is true because, otherwise, the ruling party which spends maximum to get back into power should go on winning every election, which doesn't happen. So, the remaining 55 people among the 100 and these 30 people present us with a clear majority of 85% of the voters who can make a clear difference! So, your vote does matter. We are the masses. Our opinion can bring about change that we want.