Friday, March 20, 2009

LSP's campaign in a train

What a way to reach out to people! This man is a genius. When I saw the news, I was like, "What an idea Sir jee!" In a train, during a journey, passengers have nothing much to do. They tend to open up and talk to co-passengers in spite of being strangers. They are most relaxed and in a ready to talk mood. Dr. JP, a man with scientific solutions for problems and lots of ideas, along with the party members, making sure that all of them bought tickets for the 2nd class coaches of the train to Nellore, took this opportunity to reach out to people and talk to them. He sat with people on the train, listened to them and made a note of their problems. It's easier than conducting roadshows and more effective at the same time. Change is here. Change is now. You don't need crores of rupees to campaign. A healthy and effective election campaign can be conducted with an affordable budget following the rules and regulations of the ECI. This is new political culture. It's possible.

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