Sunday, March 15, 2009

LSP's 1st Public Meeting

Lok Satta Party's first ever public meeting was held on the shores of Ramakrishna Beach, Visakhapatnam on Saturday, 14th March, 2009. It is the first ever political meeting of its kind which attracted citizens, optimistic about a healthy political future of this country, many of them from the middle class, and young students, who eagerly waited for Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan to complete his roadshow and meet them. A young girl, you would be surprised to know, the Lok Satta Party candidate contesting from Araku, Ms. Manikyamma, came onto the stage along with her friends to present a tribal dance for the audience before the event started. Before Dr. JP reached the venue, many ordinary citizens came onto the stage with enthusiasm and shared their views on the party. They all had this message for their fellow citizens, "take active part in the politics of the country or at least encourage those who are; only then would we be providing a solution; not by refraining from voting and calling politics of India a horrible mess." Once Dr. JP reached the venue, everyone stood up and cheered him. No chairs were arranged on the stage. Everyone expected him to go onto the stage and speak. But before he spoke, he introduced the candidates contesting in the upcoming elections for Lok Satta Party and gave them a chance to speak. They were very clear about what the party stood for. They all stood together on the stage and once they all spoke, the mike was handed over to Dr. JP who spoke continuously for 45 minutes, explaining what the party stood for, its agenda and its pursuit to bring in new political culture to this country, taking examples of the great leadership India was once proud of. He also mentioned that Lok Satta Party was not desperate for power. Their mission would continue whether they won the elections or no. And if Lok Satta Party won the elections, he said, it would be the victory of healthy politics in this country. Further, he guaranteed proper education for all the children (with provision for learning English, and computer education) and good health for all the people (treatment for any disease in any hospital they chose) of the state if elected to power. LSP would establish local self-governments where-in funds would be allocated to every such local self government according to the population of the place and locally elected representatives of the people would run them. He expressed his belief in the ability of people to think, unlike other political parties who considered people to be fools. While the speech was going on, people who attended the meeting donated money to the party. Everyone from the audience reached for their pockets and took out money. This isn't a familiar sight. An old man, with a long beard, in orange robes, who hardly had any money on him, fetched some coins from the folds of his robe and donated the money to the party while a tin covered with the LSP flag was passed around. This old man sat through the entire speech. Dr. JP finished his speech saying that 2009 would prove to be an year of revolutionary change in the politics of India. Once the meeting came to an end, the national anthem was sung. Everyone dispersed with a beam of hope.


  1. Thank you for sharing Anusha.
    Change comes only if people like us participate. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks for Sharing the details Anusha. It is a good brief. It sad that AP media isn't give good coverage for LSP activities.

  3. Thanks. My pleasure. Let me know if you need any further details about the party or if you have any doubts. I'd be glad.