Monday, February 23, 2009

Empowering People

A democratic nation cannot grow by simply calling itself a democracy while it doesn't have a structure that is suitable for implementing democracy.

Empowerment of people is the key to growth in any field in a democratic country. This growth, as a result, is healthy, inclusive, sustainable and justified in every way by virtue of its mere nature.

We have the example of the White Revolution. India is the largest producer of milk today. How did this happen?

This was possible through the number of milk cooperatives formed by milk procuring farmers across the length and breadth of the nation, who owned them, managed them and shared the profits among themselves. There was no government or private or corporate interference. These farmers didn't depend on the government nor did they sell their milk to any private firms. They formed cooperatives and sold their milk on their own to people.
The milk revolution happened by replicating the Anand pattern of milk cooperatives(more specifically, the Kaira district milk cooperatives who formed AMUL) of Gujarat throughout India, carried out by Mr. Verghese Kurien(through Operation Flood) who later formed the National Dairy Development Board and other national dairy related bodies and received many awards.

If this phenomenon is replicated in all fields i.e. when people own their stuff instead of working under a government or a private organization, be it agriculture, be it any sort of business, be it media, you name it, only then we'd be talking growth as a democracy.

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