Monday, February 23, 2009

Democratizing Public Institutions

Democracy can be achieved only when all sorts of power lies immediately in the hands of people. By this, I mean, people run all the public institutions directly. This can happen through the establishment of Local-self Governments. Today, we have government officials at all levels working under the ministers("people's representatives") whom we have elected. Though these officials are meant to work for the people, they can't do so as they're under the government i.e. the ministers and they work under them and consequently, for them. The flaw is in the structure we have adopted for democracy. When we want officials in public institutions to work for the people, these officials should be under the control of people and not the ministers. To enable this, we need Local Self Governments which are formed by people locally and which govern all the local public institutions directly such that all public institutions of a place are under direct control of the local people and they do not need to depend on a far off government for getting things done. This would be more efficient for obvious reasons. And corruption would be eradicated as a by-product as, when people control their own institutions, why would they harm themselves through corruption?

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